Monday, November 24, 2008

The Naboom2Germany t-shirts in Ghana!

Good morning!
I received a few photographs from German friends, Dieter and Dorothée, Rudi and Lisa, who are touring in Ghana. They are proudly wearing the Naboom2Germany t-shirts.
And now those shirts are going to stay behind in Ghana ...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sepia mood

Good day!

The photographs are all sepia today.

Sib, the giant on his Vespa, visited me last weekend. The previous time he came to visit with his friend Phyllis. She suddenly passed away a few weeks ago. Her death is, in many ways, a pointer for all of us. Now is the time to do what you have to do. Not tomorrow.

Rosi and Günther from Langenselbold, Germany, are visiting at the moment. Their home was my final destination in Europe before I flew back to South Africa. They will be in Naboomspruit until the end of the year.

The last two weeks were difficult. If one believes in certain principles you have to stand up for those principles if they are threatened. Easier said than done.

I had a battle with the embassy of a major European country. >>>>>

Die res van my posting het ek uitgevee 'n paar uur nadat ek dit geplaas het. Die reaksie wat ek verwag het, het toe gekom.

Nog 'n punt bewys.

I am an African.